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Unlike the media in years past, articles written today DO NOT simply go into the trash bin tomorrow.

Paternal grandparents are Thomas and Joanne Busold of Fremont. A son, Spenczer Christopher-Lafayette King, was born Monday, Dec. Maternal grandparents are Debbie and Brandon Mitchell of Columbus. As Shakespeare once famously asked, "What's in a name? Though the royal family are called The House of Windsor . Member's of Charles' side of the family at times use "Wales" as a surname." Well - for some of the members of the Royal Family, it can get a bit murky once you dive into the details. Young Prince George is in preschool using "Cambridge" as his last name. sadly, she kind of doesn't have one in regular usage. By all accounts, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge prefers to be called Catherine.Ethan Heyman (right) plays the role of defense attorney and Alex Larrick spends time on the witness stand. Seneca County • Seneca County Park District invites interested people to a Craft Creations program on Christmas card recycling at p.m.Tuesday at Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve, SR 19 south of Bloomville.

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    A collection of poems, sketches, essays and short stories.

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